Which countries in Europe offer citizenship through investment?

European Citizenship by investment programs offer a process by which investors can get a second citizenship within a few months. An investment or a donation may be required. It is a business transaction, you invest, they give you citizenship. Some people call it “EU economic citizenship”.

Compared to other methods of obtaining Citizenship of the European Union, you may save over ten years in the process.

Top benefits of a second passport include visa-free travel, relief from tax burdens, privacy and freedom, access to investment opportunities, political diversification, and security.

Best citizenship through investment program in EU depends on your cultural preferences, personal & investment goals, however; most people are guided by their personal situations. 

European Union Citizenship for Investors – FAQ

Cheapest Citizenship by investment programme comes from Turkey, Greece and Portugal starting at $250,000
In , Citizenship by investment programs have seen a uptick in interests and movement of people seeking a 2nd passport in the EU for more security and as a backup plan for their family.
Length of Stay time varies from one country to the next. Countries like Portugal have few days per year residency requirement, while others like Turkey and Cyprus have none.
All Citizenship-by-investment programs cover investor’s children of ages 18 and under, while some cover children under the age of 26. Some programmes allow for dependent parents of the investor. Some countries like Portugal and Spain allow for parents of Investor’s spouse as well.
On average, citizenship thru investment programs take 6-12 months to process and give out a 2nd passport. These countries include Turkey, Cyprus and Malta.